Tax Office and Social Insurance Company have a specific status within the framework of restructuring as providers of state aid. For this reason, they are considered creditors not consenting with the plan having possibility to substitute their approval (see 1.4).

An alternative is the DeLonghi DD45 model. Although nominally a 45 pint dehumidifier this unit is actually comparable to the Soleus CFM-25E. This apparent anomaly arises from the different testing conditions at which the two units were rated. At the AHAM standard, 80°F and 60% relative humidity, both are 25 pint dehumidifiers.

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An accident, according the dictionary, is an unplanned and unintended event that happens suddenly and by chance and results in injury or damage. A crash, according to the dictionary, is to hit something with enough force to cause damage or destruction. These definitions seem similar, but the dictionary implies that accidents are nobody's fault. Softening the language of the event does not lessen the harsh reality of it, especially when someone dies.